50+ Mentors

790 Applications

11 Startups Accelerated/Invested In

8 Additional Investments


What is Savour?

Savour is the first food vertical Accelerator in the Middle East. We help food entrepreneurs bring their products and services to market at super speed.

Savour partners with early stage companies from across the food value chain, from agriculture through consumer packaged goods, and helps these companies grow fast through:

  • Startup Capital: $50K in capital

  • Mentorship: Access and workshops with food industry thought and business leaders

  • Network: Access to a world class network of leading food companies, investors and press

  • Curriculum: based on years of learnings from Creative Startups’ accelerators & experts

  • Coworking Space: Collaborative co-working with likeminded food entrepreneurs

  • Alumni Network: A powerful alumni network of over 80 Creative Startups' startup founders

How it Works

  • Selected teams relocate to our co-working space in the food capital of the Middle East, Kuwait. There the companies will find their product/market fit, prepare to get fully funded, and work with us to scale their business.

  • Each week you will meet with expert mentors to test, validate, and accelerate your business – often achieving in 2 months what other founders take years to accomplish.

  • The final 2 weeks of the program you’ll work with us to refine your pitch in preparation for Demo Day, where you will pitch your business to our co-investor network. This is your chance to take the spotlight and pitch your business to potential investors!

What You Get

We provide startup capital, hands-on help, mentorship, and our global network of food business thought leaders. Our fast-growing family of hundreds of experienced entrepreneurs, industry experts and growth hackers are keen to pass their hard-earned experience and knowledge on to you. We are eager to help you overcome your production woes, identify the right marketing message, improve your user experience, or figure out retail distribution. We’ve been there. We’ve felt the intense pressure of launching a business; and we want to help you launch yours fast


Savour is the leading funding institution for food startups in the MENA region. We catalyze innovation and excellence in the food value chain.